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Freelance Web Development

Freelance Web developer

My name is Mekki GHEDIRI - a Tunisian professional web programmer since 2001. I offer clean and high quality W3 hand coded greatness. I am specialized in php/mysql programming, building custom database driven and interactive web applications. I've worked for different web agencies and currently maintain websites for clients such as USA, Tunisia and France.

I am a Professional Freelance PHP MySql programmer, Web Developer. I have a degree in Computer Application and have been doing my own freelance work for over five years now. If you're looking for a freelance web programmer, I think you'll be pleased with what I can offer.

If you are looking for hiring a professional PHP & MySql Programmer/Freelancer with affordable price, please Contact me and send me details of your project.


Over 9 years of practical experience in developing web solutions

Freelance programmer developing web based solutions such as PHP / MYSQL Website Development, Content Management System (CMS), E-Commerce Website, Web Based Enterprise Application, Payment Gateway Integration, Relationship Management System, Financial Calculator, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ...

I am an experienced developer of database-driven websites required to perform complex information processing, storage, analysis and reporting tasks. In addition to my technical expertise I have a good understanding of the human and commercial aspects of web development such as navigability for end users and optimization for search engines.


I am specialized in the technologies that looks most promising to me including:


  • XML / XSLT / RSS

  • CSS / Frameworks

  • Javascript / Ajax

  • jQuery / MooTools

  • Web Services

  • Google APIs


  • Joomla / Drupal / WP

  • PayPal / Authorize

  • PHP / ASP / JSP

  • IIS / Apache / Tomcat

  • Merise / UML / WebML

  • MySQL / Oracle

  • Windows / Linux / MAC

  • System Administration

  • SEO / SEM / PPC

  • FPDF / GD / CURL

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Web 2.0 Design

  • WMLScript, WAP

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